Staff your learning & development programs with TrainingPros! We continuously work with the best contractors that possess the skills, experience, and personality needed by our clients. And we strive to make the process work smoothly and effectively to deliver your training efforts.

Why TrainingPros?

In-depth understanding of the learning and development industry:

TrainingPros’ focuses exclusively on projects in learning and development. As a result, our relationship managers truly understand the types of projects our clients are doing and the business results they are trying to achieve. Most important to you, we are able to translate this understanding into a personality and skill match for our consultants.

Expert relationship managers:

TrainingPros relationship managers (RMs) take a consultative approach to fulfilling their clients’ needs by serving as advisers rather than order takers. Clients are looking for advice and counsel, not just a procurement officer. By getting to know our clients and their specific learning and development needs, TrainingPros is able to better provide quality talent. RMs have real-life experiences and can assess the true needs of their clients.

Talented consultants:

Equally important to the clients’ needs is the talent pool. TrainingPros asks each candidate to complete an extensive knowledge and skills assessment. In addition, each potential candidate is interviewed as part of the initial evaluation process and references are thoroughly checked. Using these tools, the candidate is evaluated using a long list of criteria that assists in the placement process. Retaining quality consultants remains high priority. TrainingPros is the preferred company for contract employees because of its compensation program and track record for making the right fit – in terms of expectations and culture.

Onboarding for Success methodology:

We want to make sure that both our clients’ and consultants’ needs are met so we’re going to be as direct and upfront as possible in order for all parties to know exactly what to expect. Our proprietary Onboarding for Success methodology carefully matches the right candidate to the right project and gives you the tools you need to start each project seamlessly. Furthermore, once you are started on the project, our Relationship Managers are involved in the project conducting quality checks and ensuring that our consultants receive the support needed to be successful with the client. Our goal is for everyone to be a raving fan of TrainingPros!

TrainingPros, founded in 1997, works closely with learning departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements.