• Instructional Design

    “Our TrainingPros designer did an amazing job of updating our instruction materials and developing fresh, new approaches for delivery across our company.”
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  • eLearning Development

    “To have an expert deliver mLearning solutions that our employees can access 24/7 is exactly what we needed in our diverse work locations.”
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  • Instruction & Facilitation

    “Our organization just didn’t have the expertise to deliver necessary courses, and we had facilitation needs that really needed that objective perspective. TrainingPros delivered on both.”
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  • Organization Development

    “Our rapidly growing agency needed some expert guidance in performance management and team development. We received great direction from TrainingPros.”
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  • Training Coordination

    "TrainingPros managed our large-scale training roll out across the country – very successfully! They handled all scheduling, communications, and vendor management issues.”
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  • Project Management

    “Never underestimate the value of an expert project manager. Our TrainingPros consultant managed our required timeline, budget, resources and resolved difficult issues.”
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  • Technical Communications

    “With expertise in several applications, our TrainingPros technical communicator easily completed flexible online help manuals and documents essential to our company’s training modules.”
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  • Change Management

    “Our large non-profit went through a series of significant changes, and our TrainingPros consultant navigated our leadership team on the best way to roll these out to our employees and clients.”
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  • Editing & Copywriting

    "When our company completed a large branding update, we turned to TrainingPros copywriters & editors to ensure that our website and marketing materials were consistent and cutting edge.”
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TrainingPros Difference

The TrainingPros Difference

Three major differences set us apart from others in the market:

  • Expert Relationship Managers
  • Loyal Consultants
  • Proven Onboarding for Success Methodology

TrainingPros Relationship Managers take a consultative approach to fulfilling your requirements by serving as advisers rather than order takers. With their extensive learning and development experience, Relationship Managers can assess your true needs and provide better quality talent.

Equally important to your needs is our talent pool of thousands of consultants. TrainingPros asks each consultant to complete an extensive knowledge and skills assessment. Each consultant is thoroughly interviewed with all references checked, and they are evaluated using detailed criteria that assists in the placement process. Retention of quality consultants is a high priority, and TrainingPros is the preferred company for our consultants because of our compensation program and track record for creating the right fit for all involved.

To kick off the Onboarding for Success methodology, TrainingPros consults with your key contact regarding business goals, deliverables, schedule, and milestones along with skills and personalities on your team. Each aspect is vital to the consultant selection process and providing the most appropriate fits. After gaining a solid understanding, we provide the right resources for your assignment. The onboarding process reduces start-up time and increases project success as Relationship Managers remain in contact throughout your project.