Following are some common questions we receive from clients:

Q. What services does TrainingPros provide?

A. Training may be in our name, but TrainingPros does much more than training. We provide a full range of learning and development services, including:

  • Instructional design
  • Training coordination
  • Organization development and human resource consulting
  • eLearning/mLearning development
  • Instruction and facilitation
  • Project management
  • Change management consulting
  • Technical communications
  • Editing, copywriting, graphic design, and other select contracting
Q. What makes TrainingPros different from other staffing firms?

A. Four factors set us apart from other staffing firms and enable us to deliver our best to your projects:

  • We specialize in learning and development roles only.
  • Our local Relationship Managers understand your needs – big-picture culture and project details and requirements.
  • We work with a large, thoroughly assessed talent pool to serve your needs.
  • Our Onboarding for Success methodology ensures the right fit and results for your projects.
Q. How do you select the right person for a contract position?

A. Our Relationship Managers rely on their extensive skills and experience in the learning and development fields to carefully review the select candidates we submit to clients for consideration. References are carefully checked, and we only recruit professionals with a proven track record in consulting. In addition to assessing technical prowess for the project requirements, a determination is made to make sure the candidate can quickly adapt to the working style and culture of your organization and continue to work well with your internal project managers. We use a proprietary assessment to eliminate consultants from consideration who have a personality profile that would obviously clash with the personality of our client.

Q. Do you place full time people?

A. TrainingPros only places candidates on a contract basis. Many of our consultants receive (and have accepted) offers for full-time positions with our clients while working on contract assignments. Unlike other staffing companies, TrainingPros never charges our clients a conversion fee when our professionals accept permanent positions.

Q. How do you attract such talented professionals?

A. There are several factors that go into recruiting and retaining top talent:

  • Our consultants receive a higher percentage of our rates than other staffing firms.
  • Our professionals don’t waste time going to “cattle calls” with other talent; we only submit one candidate to our clients at a time.
  • Our professionals know that the company where they are placed will be a good fit for both their skill sets and their personality.
  • Most of the professionals in our talent pool have been referred by other professionals who have had a positive experience working on projects for TrainingPros’ clients.
  • Our Relationship Managers make talent screening and reviews a significant part of their job responsibilities. This puts attracting the best and the brightest for our talent pool as a high priority.
Q. What percentage of your business is from repeat customers?

A. Our clients value our investment in understanding their company, the quality of our talent, and the ease of doing business with TrainingPros. These are among the reasons we have a repeat business rate of over 80%.

Q. What is TrainingPros’ involvement at the beginning of client projects?

A. Before a client’s learning and development project even begins, Relationship Managers are gathering requirements about its goals and needs. This needs assessment phase allows us to submit the best fit candidate immediately and to make sure that the project gets started smoothly.

Q. What do you do to ensure project success?

A. Our Onboarding for Success methodology is deployed at the very beginning and leveraged throughout a project to ensure that our client is satisfied, the goals of the project are being met, and that the candidate we placed has all the necessary tools to complete a successful project.

Q. Where do I turn for answers to other questions I have?

A. Revised copy: Feel free to contact our President, Leigh Anne Lankford, or any of our Relationship Managers by visiting our Contact Us page to find your preferred person or method of contact.

TrainingPros, founded in 1997, works closely with learning departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements.